We unleash innovation capabilities.

We help clients build repeatable innovation capabilities through a mix of advisory, software, and analytics expertise.

Our work progressively creates and refines sustainable innovation competence that is both distinct from, and complementary to, normal business operations.

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We develop innovation maturity.

Imaginatik clients learn to harmonize innovation portfolios with corporate strategy, while embedding innovation as a repeatable set of activities.

At each stage of the Innovation Maturity curve, our offerings ensure the proper balance of short-term wins and longer-term capability-building.

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We answer 4 key questions.

Imaginatik's advisory work helps clients master the four pivotal disciplines of innovation success.

Gain powerful insights into what's next. Develop promising ideas into viable bets. Maximize value and impact across the innovation portfolio. And integrate innovation activities with the current-day business.

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Some of Our Clients

A Foundation of Experience Spanning over 20 Years