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A founder’s guide to working with corporates

In an episode of Silicon Valley, startup founder Richard Hendricks reveals something that no venture capitalist wants to hear — he has no business plan.

“I cannot guide you until you give me something to guide,” the VC...

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Corporations Are Quickly Buying Up Green Startups

Green business acquisitions are on the rise. That makes sense, as consumers are becoming more and more aware of environmental problems and are actively trying to reduce their impact on the environment by purchasing eco-friendly products. Companies are quickly adopting green marketing...

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Tech Startups Struggle to Close Deals With IT Buyers

When Haier America’s Deanna Johnston needs to update or fill gaps in the company’s information-technology systems, she looks at products and services offered by startups.

But even after a trial run, she rarely buys them, Ms. Johnston said.

Instead the appliance maker’s...

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Tapping into startup innovation on the cheap

The Bully of Bentonville is a great moniker, but it doesn’t really square with a company that happily plunks down $3.3 billion for a cash-burning startup — with no other bidders in sight. I don’t know if Walmart’s acquisition of will pay off, but it is a high-profile example of...

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Data Sheet—Tuesday, August 9, 2016

For years corporations have tried to show off how innovative they are by adopting superficial markings of startup culture—open office floor plans, pingpong tables, and cold-brew coffee on tap. It became trendy to launch corporate-run startup accelerator programs, which I used to mock as...

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How startups and corporations collaborate today

The days when startups were able to play in their own sandboxes while corporations stayed in their own hermetically sealed campuses are over. In fact, entrepreneurs and corporate executives are working together more than ever before, creating partnerships that financially benefit...

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7 big threats to innovation and how to overcome them

Innovation is the cornerstone of a successful business, so why is it so elusive to many companies? To determine the biggest roadblocks, consulting firm Imaginatik conducted a study of 200 professionals in its "State of Global Innovation" report. 35 percent of those...

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Can a company innovate without working its employees to death?

In the summer of 1994, Jaap Haartsen started worked on what would become a ubiquitous and essential technology — Bluetooth. The 31-year-old Dutch engineer was living in Sweden and working for Ericsson...

...Haartsen’s story is a curious one amid a debate over the modern, white-...