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The Boom, Not Doom, Of Market Failure

by Ralph Welborn, Imaginatik CEO

While it might seem that the disruption du jour is all anybody is ordering these days — making innovation, growth and new value seem like insurmountable things — businesses should focus on where they can find value most quickly.


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UAB Medicine Issues Innovation Challenges to Frontline Employees

With more than 5,000 employees, the folks at UAB Medicine knew that there were good ideas out there. But how to uncover them? Melissa Mancini, director of strategy and business development, wanted to engage frontline employees on a social platform along the lines of what she had seen at...

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Boston execs embrace the bard

Jack Connors won’t play the fool, after all. But Tuesday’s reading of “King Lear” at Babson College will still feature a big cast of characters plucked from the ranks of Boston’s business community.

This will be the third year that Commonwealth Shakespeare Company has mined the...

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Foresight Students Ideate with ExxonMobil and Imaginatik

As part of our continuing efforts to provide as much real-world experience as possible for Foresight students, students in World Futures class were visited by a team from ExxonMobil being guided through a futures-oriented ideation session by the innovation services firm Imaginatik.

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Taking the First Step to Innovation Leadership

By Ann Augustine

Innovation is not a whim or a passing idea. Taking the first step to acknowledge the importance of innovation for future growth affects every business.

Sometimes innovation can be ways that enrich our lives.

A team of 3M scientists...

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10 insights into the challenges of corporate innovation

By Scott Kirsner

Corporate innovation executives from companies like Covidien, Chubb Group, and the Mayo Clinic got together earlier this week at the Harvard Club. The occasion was the 2013...

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Hey Silicon Valley, innovation isn’t all about you

By Barb Darrow

We always hear how smart and creative the Valley is. It’s home to hundreds of startups, thousands of apps and billions of dollars in venture money. You might think from all the hype that it has a lock on innovation.

Not true. Companies in old...

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Chubb CIO Explains His No-Stress Social Rollout

By Michael Fitzgerald

Jim Knight's company is about to roll out an important social business platform, but he's barely thinking about it.

"From an IT point of view, I will not lose a minute of sleep" over the rollout of Jive, said Knight, the global CIO at...