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BusinessWeek: "'Didja C That Kewl Ad?' - Mott's Inc."

By Gerry Khermouch, BusinessWeek

What bewildered advertising executives need to know to pitch to a wary generation

Note: BusinessWeek had a special Double Issue over the summer that covered the "Big Ideas" for the coming months and years. One of the issues was how...

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Kansas City Star: "Creative Thinking Can Pay Off If Ideas Are Shared"

By Diane Stafford, Columnist, Kansas City Star

Ideas need to be shared. A half-baked daydream can blossom into a business success story if the right people learn about it.

Unfortunately, says Charles Thompson, president of the Creative Management Group,...

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Wall Street Journal: "Far from the Tree?", Mott's Inc.

By Jim Zebora, Business Editor, Wall Street Journal

At 160, Mott's is enjoying a growth spurt

If all you had to sell were the plain products of crushed or pureed apples, your only customers might be babies and the bicuspid-challenged.

That's not good enough for...

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New Horizons Magazine (EIA): "How the Little Mermaid Saved Ideas Management"

By Mark Turrell, CEO, Imaginatik

New Horizons is a quarterly newsletter from the Employee Involvement Association (EIA), an international organization serving professional managers and administrators by providing quality educational programs, publications, and networking...

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Information Week: "Idea Management May Help Validate Knowledge Management"

By Tony Kontzer, Information Week

Idea Management may help validate knowledge management

Not long ago, companies used the suggestion box to collect ideas from employees and, in some cases, customers. Often, after it filled up with little slips of paper, the box would be...

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Wall Street Journal: "Direct-to-Consumer Innovation - Bristol-Myers Squibb"

By Gardiner Harris, Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal published a series of articles on innovation in the pharmaceutical industry in March 2002. Bristol-Myers Squibb, an Imaginatik client, was covered in these articles and a number of innovative...

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PBS Radio: "Technically Speaking with John C. Dvorak"

From PBS Radio

Technically Speaking is hosted by technology industry pundit, John C. Dvorak, and is made available to over 100 public radio stations nationwide. It also airs twice a week in the San Francisco Bay Area on 910AM CNET Radio.

Dvorak is a veteran high-...

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Les Echos (France): "Des idées, encore des idées..."

Les Echos n° 18389 du 23/04/2001 p. 113


Ideadollar fait du commerce d'idées. Fous, géniaux, lunatiques ou simplement astucieux, les inventeurs de tout poil peuvent soumettre leurs inventions via Internet, et toucher 15 % des bénéfices si celles-...