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Educating and Empowering the Workforce of the Future

by Anna Papachristos

If customers are the sunlight companies need to prosper and succeed, employees are the roots that keep these businesses grounded as they continue to grow. Employees are the reason companies can connect with customers, for they supply the...

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Redesigning Innovation at Chubb

By Michael Fitzgerald

How do you respond to markets that didn’t even exist a couple of years ago? That was one challenge facing Chubb Corp., a $13.6 billion, 130-year-old specialty insurer. Chubb underwrites risk in lots of fast-evolving niche markets, like clean...

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Differing Views on Innovation

By Mark McGraw

Are the leaders within your company champions of innovation, frequently and enthusiastically encouraging employees to bring their most inspired and original business ideas to the table?

Of course they are -- just ask them. Put that question to your employees...

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American Banker: "Large, Risk-Averse Financial Companies Can Still Innovate"

By Marc Hochstein, American Banker

Some industries are all about innovation. Others, like banking, need to be, and desperately want to be, but have inbred obstacles to overcome.

So it was no surprise that 50-odd bankers applauded thunderously when Luis Solis said: "I'm...

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Innovation Tools: "The evolution of innovation management: Imaginatik's perspective"

By Chuck Frey, Innovation Tools

Fifteen years ago, Imaginatik was the first company to develop enterprise idea management software, which enabled corporations to capture ideas from their employees and evaluate them in a...

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Inc.: "Should You Reward Bad Ideas?"

By Drew Gannon, Inc.

Some ideas are crazy. Some are underdeveloped. Some will fail. How can you deal with them without squelching your employees' creativity?

True or false: There's no such thing as a bad idea.

Of course bad ideas exist. In...

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SmartPlanet: "‘Innovation as a Service’ spurs corporate idea machines"

By Joe McKendrick, SmartPlanet

In a post a couple of months back, we explored an emerging generation of software that can assist in...

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CMSWire: "Combine Ideation, SharePoint and Analytics with Imaginatik"

By Chelsi Nakano, CMS Wire

The knowledge management specialists behind Imaginatik quietly released version 10.1 of their platform this month, as well as some handy new add-ons.

SharePoint fans and analytics kids? This one's for you.

Idea Central 10.1