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SmartPlanet: "Creativity: Yes, there's even an app for that"

By Joe McKendrick, SmartPlanet

Software handles a lot of things these days, and my colleague over at the ZDNet community, David Greenfield, points out that there’s even software that can help turn creative inspiration into products - helping organizations “move from creative...

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ZDNet: "How Software Can Turn Your Creativity into Products"

By David Greenfield, ZDNet

A new trend in innovation management (aka ideation) platforms that I’m seeing I think will mark the beginning of the next generation of our industry. With them you’ll be able to help your organizations move from creative brainstorming to implementation...

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InformationWeek SMB: "Imaginatik Takes Idea Management Mobile"

By Jake Widman, InformationWeek SMB

Idea Central Mobile lets BlackBerry and iPhone users access their collaboration site from their smartphones and other mobile devices.

Idea Central Mobile lets BlackBerry and iPhone users access their collaboration site from their...

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ZDNet: "Three Innovation Management Tools for Your Mobile"

By Dave Greenfield, ZDNet

The business world revolves around the new and growing ideas of the people who work within its confines.

But often the best ideas come when we're out and about not behind the desk. Now three new...

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Computerworld: "Collective Intelligence: Tap the Wisdom of Employees -- and Boost the Bottom Line"

By Linda Rosencrance, Computerworld

Collective-intelligence tools can shepherd the best and brightest ideas and turn them into huge bonanzas

When it comes to solving pressing business problems, the conventional wisdom is that two heads are better than one. With the advent...

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Washington Technology: "New Collaboration Tools Manufacture Good Ideas"

By David Hubler, Washington Technology

In an age of 140-character tweets, instant messaging and texting, Computer Sciences Corp. is using a Web-based technology that combines brainstorming, focus groups and guided expertise to generate corporate creativity through online sessions...

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the {app} gap: "Imaginatik Helps Enterprises Tap Thousands of Minds Within and Outside Their Organization"

By Bill Ives, the {app} gap

Crowdsourcing has become a hot trend and Imaginatik was one of the early players in this space. They recognized from the start that it takes more than technology to properly harvest, evaluate, and implement the ideas generated by large groups of people...

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Industry Standard: "Corporate Crowdsourcing and Innovation's 'Dirty Secret'"

By Ian Lamont

Remember that super idea you had last year for a new service that had real potential to make life easier for customers while boosting revenue for your company? Whatever happened to it? Was it properly aired and vetted within your organization, or did it end up like...