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Innovate on Purpose: "Chubb Accelerates with Innovation and Imaginatik"

By Jeffrey Phillips, Innovate on Purpose

I know it sounds strange, but I spoke today with an insurance company that is interested in identifying new ideas and moving quickly. Yes, innovation has found its way to what appears to be a slow-moving, stodgy, conservative industry....

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Xconomy: "Imaginatik’s Technology Helps Companies Keep Their Crowdsourcing Initiatives Inside the Box"

By Wade Roush, Xconomy

Evidently, a lot of companies have trouble innovating—or there wouldn’t be so many startups offering “enterprise crowdsourcing” and “innovation management” tools to help them.

Several of these startups are right here in New England and have been...

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Independent: "Small Talk - Imaginatik Is Inspired by Big Ideas"

By Alistair Dawber, Independent

If there is one thing the Aim market should be doing it is allowing small-cap companies with a good idea to grow and take advantage of all the benefits – not least funding opportunities – that come with having a public listing. And while things are...

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CBR: "Imaginatik Signs Contract Extension with Chubb"

By CBR staff writer

Chubb uses Imaginatik's online software tool to collaborate with suppliers, agents and brokers

Imaginatik, a provider of cost reduction and process improvement software, has signed a contract extension with The Chubb Corp., a provider of property and...

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Wall Street Journal: "Innovation Must Come From Within, Not Just Public Handouts"

Letter to the Editor by Mark Turrell, CEO, Imaginatik

Innovation as a tool to survive the global recession is appearing increasingly often in the Journal ("Intel to Spend $7 Billion on U.S. Plants," Leading the News, Feb. 11; and "How to Drive Innovation in Europe," op-ed, Feb....

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Financial Times on Mark Turrell at the World Economic Forum 2009

By Emiliya Mychasuk, Emiko Terazono and Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson, Financial Times

Pressing Issues

January 27,...

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Investors Chronicle: "Super Saving Technology"

By Malar Velaigam, Investors Chronicle

Specialist research group IDC says that the financial pressures felt by IT vendors and their customers will actually accelerate industry transformation that has been underway over the last several years. So despite the heavy cutbacks in the...

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Information World Review: "Social Applications Can Get Everyone's Brain Working"

By David Tebbutt, Information World Review

Plunder the ideas of staff and partners, and you keep everyone happy

Imaginatik is a company that helps very large organisations save lots of money by plundering the brains of its employees, partners and consultants. The active...