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BBC News: "Bosses 'should embrace Facebook'"

Companies should not dismiss staff who use social networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo at work as merely time-wasters, a Demos study suggests.

Attempts to control employees' use of such software could damage firms in the long run by limiting the way staff communicate, the...

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Common Business Problems Where Ideation Has Been Applied

Innovation used to be defined largely by creativity and the development of new ideas. Now, the term encompasses coordinated projects that hone those creative ideas in order to boost the bottom line. At CSC's Idea Central, that's exactly what's happening - not just with employees, but...

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Trading Places: Interview of Mark Turrell, CEO of Imaginatik

Trading Places is a daily game show where five ordinary members of the public get to gamble one million imaginary pounds on five stocks. Every day, one of the five contestants must sell one stock in their portfolio and buy another, either their own tip, a tip from a city pundit or the...

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Financial Times: "Pfizer Contract Buoys Imaginatik"

By Philip Stafford, Financial Times

Imaginatik, the collaborative software group, expects to close another four major contracts in the coming financial year as full-year results showed it moved closer to profitability.

Turnover for the year to March 31 rose 27 per cent to £...

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Computing: "Two UK Companies Make the Top Technology Pioneers List at Davos 2008"

By Neon Kelly, Computing

Imaginatik and Garlik were among the companies recognised at the World Economic Forum

Imaginatik’s software is designed to help businesses solve problems and generate ideas through wide-scale internal discussions.

The applications allow...

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IT Week: "Technology Collaboration Will Be The Driving Force Behind Business"

By Neon Kelly, IT Week

The World Economic Forum showcases a future of shared working practices

User-centric technologies, crowd-sourcing, shared working practices: next-generation collaboration tools such as these may be in their infancy, but they will change the business...

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Daily Telegraph: "Market Profile: Mark Turrell, Chief Executive, Imaginatik"

By Ben Bland, Daily Telegraph

Mark Turrell is one of those entrepreneurs who is so enthusiastic that it makes it difficult to work out whether he's a forward-thinking innovator or a delusional dreamer. He is the 37-year-old founder of Imaginatik, a software company that was named...

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Time Magazine: "Tech Pioneers"

From Time Magazine

The Transformers. From medicine to energy to software, these Tech Pioneers show that the best technology is often just a new way of thinking about an old problem.

Imaginatik ENGLAND

The idea behind its Idea Central is to eliminate the corporate...