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BusinessXL: "Imaginatik plc Top 50 Rising Star"

From BusinessXL

Phenomenal sales growth, healthy profits and service excellence are some of the qualities that make a rising star.

Celebrating enterprise and innovation, Business XL’s annual survey brings you the UK’s 50 hottest mid-sized ventures to watch.


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BusinessWeek: "Future Leaders of Tech"

The World Economic Forum's 2008 picks for the hottest startups in health care, biotech, IT, Internet, and energy

Every year, the Geneva-based World Economic Forum honors as "Technology Pioneers" anywhere from 30 to 50 companies offering new technologies or business models that...

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Wall Street Journal: "Pfizer Business Incubator Fosters Emphasis On R&D"

By Lorie Konish, Wall Street Journal

Note: The Pfizer Incubator is using Imaginatik's technology to drive their open innovation program

Amid challenges to revive its multibillion-dollar drug pipeline with new moneymaking drugs, Pfizer Inc. has created its first...

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Bio-IT World: "The Human Integrator"

By John Russell, Bio-IT World

(Good) idea management – there is something elusive even about the concept. Bio-IT World Expo keynoter Robin Spencer, a Pfizer senior research fellow and chief idea management officer, made a strong case for new approaches to idea...

In The News "The Suggestion Box 2.0"

By Tara Weiss,

Your secretary, mailroom clerk or a junior associate might have the answers to the company's biggest problems. But you’ll never benefit from their input, since they probably aren’t invited to your company’s brainstorming sessions.

Software is...

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BusinessWeek: "Ideas That Bloom"

By Diane Brady, BusinessWeek

A great idea got you started. How to keep innovating as your company grows

Innovation. It's the latest buzzword. And it carries a heavy load: Innovation is the quasi-magical element that's supposed to protect what's left of U.S. economic...

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InnovationTools: Interview with Mark Turrell

By Chuck Frey, InnovationTools

Interview with Mark Turrell

Mark Turrell is CEO of Imaginatik, a developer of enterprise idea management applications. He has spent a lot of time researching innovation, investigating new business processes, new product development methods...

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KM World: "Imaginatik's Idea Central - 'Trend-Setting Product of 2005'"

From KM World

When we first put together our list of trend-setting products three years ago, the IT landscape was pretty rocky. Seemingly well-conceived software solutions couldn’t find markets. Often desperate consolidation prevailed. Budgets were tight for vendors and their...