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CFO: "How Their Garden Grows"

By CFO Staff

The corporate suggestion box isn't what it used to be, and for one company, that has proved to be a very good thing

Much of IT is designed to get data to employees, but very little attempts to do the reverse: get information from them, particularly of the...

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eWeek: "BPM Helps Grace Chemicals Innovate"

By Michael Caton, eWeek

Imaginatik's Idea Central software streamlines innovation at W.R. Grace's Performance Chemicals division.

The Grace Performance Chemicals division of specialty chemical and...

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KMWorld: "Idea Management: Everyone’s an Innovator"

By Judith Lamont, Zentek

[Note: this page does not reproduce the full article.]

What is it about the back of a paper napkin that sparks creative solutions? The casual restaurant setting, or maybe the serendipitous meeting of key people who might not otherwise cross...

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Mass High Tech: "Imaginatik Puts Software Under New Management"

By Christina Torode, Mass High Tech

Imaginatik puts software under new management

Imaginatik is not pitching knowledge management technology of old, but idea management.

Unlike traditional knowledge management solutions, which are typically static databases of...

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Tucker on Innovation: "Corporate Innovation Managers Exchange Best Practices"

About the Publisher of Tucker on Innovation

Robert B. Tucker is author of 'Driving Growth Through Innovation: How Leading Firms Are Transforming Their Futures', a three-year study of 23 of the most innovation-adept companies in the world. He is president of The Innovation...

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WBIX Talk Radio: Mark Turrell on "Formalizing the Innovation Process"

Interview of Mark Turrell, CEO and co-founder of Imaginatik

Boston, MA

Mark Turrell, the CEO and co-founder of Imaginatik, was interviewed by Dave Anthony, co-host of the Early Exchange on WBIX, a business talk radio station in Boston. In a wide ranging discussion, Mark...

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Smeal College of Business: "Georgia-Pacific Case Study"

By Anthony C. Warren, Director of the Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

A Key To Unlock Entrepreneurial Talent

Nearly every company acknowledges the strategic importance of innovation and entrepreneurship. But few know how to measure or...

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Fast Company: "Those Wacky Customers!"

By Jennifer Esty, Fast Company

Those Wacky Customers!

The Customer is King. The customer is always right. Every company with a shred of marketing savvy says it believes the old saws. But how many actually make them real?