Arriving at breakthroughs

Creating breakthrough new products and services is equal parts art and science. Leveraging our 5-step breakthrough innovation process, we work with clients to connect at a deeper level with customers, and to surface the often unarticulated needs and desires that can be leveraged for growth.

Step 1: Align

Working in a series of offline and online sessions, we engage with the core team(s) to align around the innovation challenge or opportunity area and customer targets.

Step 2: Discover

Through ethnographic observations, facilitated customer discovery sessions, and learning journeys, we help clients see beyond what is expected and more toward what is surprising. Our discovery journey culminates in an insight lab where we work with different types of knowledge inputs to uncover the penetrating "ah-ha’s" that drive customer behavior and unlock growth.

Step 3: Create

Our proprietary Imaginarium sessions allow people to come together in the way they prefer, face to face or virtually, to reflect on insights and use them as aiming points around which to generate new ideas. These sessions are designed to stimulate creative collaboration and to push thinking into new and unexplored territories.

Step 4: Enhance

We work with client teams to take promising ideas that have been surfaced and continue to work with them, strengthening and re-crafting them in a way that fully unlocks their breakthrough potential. This work includes engaging with internal and external stakeholders, especially customers in enhancement labs where clients and outside experts are also participants.

Step 5: Decide

We help clients define the criteria to objectively evaluate and prioritize leading ideas so they can move forward. We also recognize that it takes many different types of ideas, at different stages of maturity and impact level, to build a robust innovation portfolio and so we also work with clients to identify, track and nurture an array of ideas.

Bring innovation to life

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