Charting the Innovation Course

As with any business discipline, innovation thrives once clear guidance, objectives, and leadership exist. Yet most organizations launch an innovation program without a sufficiently well-developed strategy or plan. Leveraging our innovation management consulting capabilities, we work closely with clients to ensure the necessary conditions for a strong innovation program are in place.

It is common for an organization to hold innovation as a priority, but to be unsure of the precise steps to execute. In reality the ingredients needed for sustainable innovation vary widely depending on current realities, desired objectives, and externalities. We work with senior teams to create a powerful charter for the innovation program, and design the organizational components and program plans to execute over time.

Most companies wish to be more innovative than they currently are today. Closing this gap and creating focus around the most impactful areas becomes imperative. Our approach assesses an organization’s innovation maturity stage across a 21-point diagnostic that considers strategy, process, resources, organization, and culture. Through this framework we enable benchmark comparisons that guide the right actions at the right times.

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Through a combination of online surveys, in-person interviews, observations and employee discovery labs we create awareness of innovation barriers and opportunities. We work with client executive teams to guide them toward development of an innovation roadmap and implementation plan that is right for them. The result is not only the course for innovation but, more importantly, a course the organization can rally around.

Innovation Maturity: solving the ‘expectation gap’

Don’t get caught without an innovation game plan. This paper explains how to align your organization around real-world innovation benchmarks and development plans.

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