Building innovation discipline

Develop lasting innovation muscle

Innovation is a discipline, which, like any other important business function (marketing, strategy, finance, etc.) needs a commonly shared language, framework and set of tools to make it real. With organizational commitment, it can be learned, practiced and strengthened over time so that it becomes part of an organization’s DNA.

Custom Innovation Programs

In our client work, we develop customized innovation programs, carefully tailored to the organization's state of innovation maturity, its culture, and goals. Each program is designed to raise one or more specific innovation competencies such as creative collaboration, integration of new perspectives, insight discovery and activation, or leading innovation teams.

Enterprise Process Design

As you develop competence, innovation takes on a sustainable, enterprise-wide rhythm within an organization. We work with clients to launch and optimize enterprise-wide innovation processes, tools, and systems to enable the generation and management of new ideas, and the identification and tracking of key innovation metrics. Our focus covers all levels of an innovation system, from top-level priorities to individual and group-level metrics, priorities, and behaviors.

Training and Skills Building

Lasting innovation success means equipping the organization for success. Imaginatik’s innovation techniques, idea management processes, and innovation management principles are completely transferable with adequate training and experience. Through both individual and small-group training and broader certification programs, we seek to equip leaders and participants with the innovation skills to be self-sufficient.

Bring innovation to life

For our clients, we’ve generated $100M+ in returns, launched new product lines, and revolutionized operations. Learn how we can do the same for your organization.

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