Strategic Innovation, Innovation Process, Innovation Implementation

The Age of Innovation

Imaginatik helps clients develop sustainable innovation competence. Many organizations achieve innovation excellence once; very few can innovate repeatedly. Yet innovation is the most important factor for success or failure in today’s marketplace. Leading organizations develop a lasting capacity for innovation. We can help you get there.

The 2013 State of Global Innovation Report

In May 2013 we fielded an online survey to 204 business decision-makers across a wide range of industries. We asked them about their companies’ approach to innovation strategy, governance, leadership, process, and results.

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Our approach to innovation leverages all arenas where creativity and collaboration are possible: face-to-face, online, and in each person’s own thoughts. Together, these are the Three Spaces of Innovation – Physical, Virtual, and Mind. The three spaces are combined for maximum effect in building innovation as an organizational discipline.

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Imaginatik pioneered the Idea Challenge collaboration model. For more than 15 years, our work has proven that Idea Challenges are the most effective way to collect and develop ideas that deliver material benefits for the business. Lining up clear objectives with crowd-based collaboration unlocks real results, predictably and repeatably.

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Innovation-as-a-Service is our commitment to your success as a client. We know what it takes to produce business results while building a sustainable culture of innovation. Through advice and coaching, software tools and platforms, and hands-on program management, we craft a winning program to develop your organization’s innovation competence.

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