WEBINAR: The 4 Innovation Metrics that Drive Program ROI and Scale

95% of companies consider innovation a management priority. Yet few companies make use of innovation metrics regularly to prove its effectiveness in their organization.

No matter the stage of maturity of your innovation program, measurable results are essential to delivering more value and driving return on innovation investment.

We see this all the time. Teams are looking to understand what to measure, what others are measuring, what really matters, and why. Through the years, we’ve learned there are four key types of metrics that the best innovation practices use: productivity levels, engagement breadth, financial returns, and portfolio health.

Listen to this webinar and learn from Imaginatik's CMO, Chris Townsend, and Sara Husk, Chief Solutions Officer, as they address three core questions surrounding Innovation Metrics, including:

  • Why metrics is still a touchy subject for most innovation leaders
  • What core metrics should be employed to measure the impact of today's innovation programs
  • How can organizations put innovation metrics into practice immediately
Posted: 01/27/17

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