WEBINAR: The Four Types of Innovation Programs

Not all innovation programs are equal. The appetite for disruptive breakthroughs versus incremental improvements varies between firms. So too does the type of organizational structure and the mix of incentives needed to achieve those ambitions.

Drawing on 20 years of client experience, Imaginatik has identified four distinct types of corporate innovation programs. Each has unique funding and staffing requirements, value-creation models, and payback horizons.

Please join us for a special webinar to explore these four program archetypes in greater depth. We'll draw heavily on real-world cases to explain:

  • Why so many companies regularly try - and repeatedly fail - to innovate consistently
  • Why building an innovation team could be your biggest mistake
  • How to craft appropriate innovation metrics - and then deliver with confidence
  • How to measure innovation by program development as well as delivery output
Posted: 01/28/16

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