WEBINAR: How Pfizer Built a Global Innovator Network

Many companies have dabbled with dedicated innovation teams, or even with a corporate-level innovation group. But few have been able to embed and scale innovation outreach persistently across a global enterprise. Yet this is precisely what Pfizer has done. In this segment in our Innovation Masters Series of webinars, Pfizer's Daniel Seewald will explore the keys to success in creating a global network of innovation “champions” over scarcely more than two years.

Among the topics Daniel will explore:

  • The foundation and development of Pfizer’s Innovation and Experimentation program
  • How to build a core team of innovation facilitators, and then scale it across the globe through a 400+ person volunteer network
  • How to use innovation outreach to create "pull" for great ideas from all pockets of a global organization
Posted: 06/17/15

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