WEBINAR: Innovation's 8 Programs of Engagement

Hackathons. Challenges. Jams. A variety of idea-generation programs have become fashionable at large companies, as a way to democratize innovation, and to improve workforce enthusiasm. Yet too often, no one asks the hard questions about these efforts. What happens once the party is over? Where do all the ideas go, and who follows through? How do you repeat the success next month, or next year, once the novelty factor for such initiatives has faded?

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The reality is more complicated than the hype, but properly managed can lead to even bigger, and longer-lasting, results. In this webinar, Imaginatik experts Sara Husk and Chris Townsend will explain how each of 8 different types of innovation-engagement programs can lead to specific benefits, in which each plays a role as part of a larger, coordinated effort to make ideation and innovation a permanent force for positive change in the workplace.

Posted: 05/28/15

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