Discovery Central

Discovery Central is Imaginatik’s solution for game-changing innovations. The platform meshes software tools with collaborative group-creativity techniques that are specially designed to generate novel insights and breakthrough opportunities. Use Discovery Central to create entirely new markets, lead the future of your industry or product category, or revolutionize your operational model.

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Discover hidden truths

With Discovery Central, your team digs beneath surface meaning to probe the underlying causes of desires and motivations. We marry software tools with creative brainstorming techniques to unlock the root causes of breakthroughs.

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Develop lateral thinking

Breakthroughs are difficult to achieve because they represent a divergence from normal patterns of thinking and behaving. The Discovery Central method is designed to foster the “lateral thinking” that is crucial to unlocking key insights.

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Create insights, build opportunities

Discovery Central creates insights, formed from the accumulation of data and clues into inspired concepts. Special software tools aid your team in assembling these insights into rich concepts which can be explored and further combined.

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