Best-in-class availability and performance

Serving clients for over 15 years, Innovation Central has a proven 99.9% system availability. Imaginatik uses architecture that is renowned for its high availability and performance features, which include:

Continuous availability

All Innovation Central deployments use clustered servers with automatic failover, so that any outage on one server won’t cause an interruption to your service. We make extensive use of load balancers to ensure consistently fast response times especially during peak usage.

Hourly backups

Innovation Central data is backed up by replication to a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Discs) storage unit on our two dedicated backup servers. If one disc fails data is already held on another disc within the array.

Network security

Our networks are protected by powerful firewalls configured to follow industry best practices for network ingress/egress security, and our intrusion detection/prevention systems shun connections from known malicious IP addresses.

Advanced content distribution

A huge network deployed worldwide provides a secure, fast, and reliable path to our data centers, ensuring that you get the fastest possible response times wherever your users are located.


Imaginatik regards customer data as a major corporate asset, which is to be protected and safeguarded in the same way as more tangible assets such as cash. Our rigorous security controls have enabled us to meet the security requirements of hundreds of enterprise clients, including financial and government organizations.

For more information download: Imaginatik Technical FAQs

Data center security

Imaginatik only uses data centers that are capable of meeting our clients' stringent requirements. These data centers are hosted in the US and the UK by organizations that are regularly audited and are either SOC-2 type II certified, SSAE 16 type II attested or ISO 27001:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Regular security audits

Audit trails are placed across all customer environments which are fully accessible by the customer showing a transparent relationship between Imaginatik, its customers, and any action taken by those registered for the event.

Information security officer

Imaginatik’s staff includes an experienced Information Security Officer who oversees all aspects of data security, including leading-edge practices in strong password configuration, data encryption, and established Information Security policies.

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