Innovation Central, Idea Management Platform and System, Idea Manager

Idea Management for the Enterprise

For more than 15 years, leading organizations have trusted Innovation Central to harness the collective wisdom of employees, customers, and partners. By collecting, developing, and prioritizing ideas from the crowd, Innovation Central allows you to address any business challenge – from process improvements and cost reductions to new product designs and substantial revenue growth.

Idea Challenges made easy

Innovation Central makes Idea Challenges both easy and powerful. Admin features allow executive sponsors to define challenge objectives, choose subject matter experts and reviewers, and track and monitor progress throughout each challenge. Global dashboarding and reporting tools provide comprehensive visibility across the entire program.

Crowd-based collaboration

Innovation Central includes a wide range of collaboration features. Specific tools for idea-building, expert reviews, and facilitated idea browsing provide directed collaboration on top of voting, commenting, follows, and favorites.

Head-to-Head reviewing

Innovation Central enables review teams to sort and prioritize thousands of ideas with ease. Our proprietary Head-to-Head technology uses statistical algorithms to make the reviewing process faster, more objective, and more transparent.

Easy to use, yet powerful

Innovation Central offers an extremely simple user experience that requires no end user training. Yet it is built on a flexible, highly configurable enterprise platform that scales easily to support large global organizations.

Power innovation success, at scale

Combine the benefits of a world-class technology platform with the design of winning innovation process.