Innovation Software

Most organizations tap their innovation potential only in occasional moments of focused brilliance. Although laudable, such efforts are far too slow to remain successful in an Age of Innovation characterized by accelerating changes in technologies, customer needs, and competitive dynamics. To support a scaled, continuous innovation competence, successful leaders scale core innovation processes on a dedicated, centralized, enterprise-grade innovation management software system.

Innovation Central

Innovation Central provides the core Ideation and Decisions functionality for Imaginatik’s end-to-end innovation management software platform. By helping organizations collect and develop ideas, and then select the best for follow-through, Innovation Central is the key enabler for innovation leaders to turn ideas into concrete business value throughout an organization.

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Discovery Central

Discovery Central is Imaginatik’s solution for game-changing innovations. Create entirely new markets, lead the future of your industry or product category, or revolutionize your operational model. Discovery Central meshes software tools with collaborative group-creativity techniques, specially designed to generate novel insights and breakthrough opportunities.

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Results Engine

Results Engine is a software platform for managing innovation projects. Collecting and choosing ideas is meaningless without a process to develop those ideas into tangible outcomes. Results Engine provides the full set of tools to launch projects, choose teams, assign tasks, and track the portfolio.

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