Results Engine

Results Engine is an innovation software platform for managing innovation projects. Collecting and choosing ideas is meaningless without a process to develop those ideas into tangible outcomes. Results Engine provides the full set of tools to launch projects, choose teams, assign tasks, and track the portfolio.

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Innovation project management

Results Engine ensures that no good ideas will sit on the shelves collecting dust. Launch a new project with each promising idea, assign project managers and team members, and create and manage tasks, milestones, and deadlines.

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Manage process and workflows

Innovation projects follow different trajectories, depending on whether they are for new technologies, new products, or operational changes. In Results Engine, you design workflow templates with their own stage gates, tasks, and timelines.

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Transparency into your innovation portfolio

Through a portfolio dashboard, Results Engine gives you complete visibility into the innovation pipeline. Our innovation portfolio tracking functionality allows you to monitor ROI, timelines, and activity levels through both aggregate and filtered views.

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